Play as a girl with magical powers, beat up the cat but not cat creatures.

Arrow keys - Movement                                                                                                             

A,D - Change Attack Type                                                                                                                  

Spacebar - Attack                                                                                                                                                    

E - when the bar fills up, Transform!

This game was made during Magical Girl Game Jam #3 hosted by  Ran d'Reille


Programmer: kamaleon70

Artist: KingdomPots

Sound Design, Composition & Audio Implementation: James Foss  ( |

Sound Design, Composition & Audio Implementation: Jorge Varandas

Amy: Aya (
Shopkeeper: Red Aller (,

Third party tools: 
EZSoftBone - EZhex1991@Github
UnityChan Toon Shader - Nobuyuki Kobayashi@Github


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I love the game, I could not help but do do a video on this also, (I been playing a lot of the games it the gamejam submissions)

Here's the video it was fun.

thanks for playing our game!

You're very welcome.
Keep up the good work.

aiming w/keyboard is wack so circle for the win! ... lots of potential =] 

Thanks for playing our game!