A downloadable game for Windows

Campfire Karaoke Project is a non camera tracking based manual virtual personality solution similar to face rig based solutions.

In the scene, the mouths of the characters will move depending on the audio input, so speak, sing and or shout at your mic and the characters should react.

you can control the character by moving around your controller and the characters will move with the rotation of your controller(Tested for DS4 controller). This control solution is inspired by the default character control scheme in Dreams(PS4) by Media Molecule.


Programming: Nanotechware

Graphics: Kingdompots

Third Party Resources:

UnityURPT Toon Lit Shader ------ ColinLeung-NiloCat@Github

Simple Water Shader ----- Alexander Ameye

Install instructions

Download, extract the files.

Plug in a DS4 controller and a mic and run the exe.

Rotate the controller to control character rotation, speak to the mic to watch their mouths move. 


CampfireKaraokeProject_V_0.1.zip 43 MB

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